We are friend5

deadmau5 Presents We Are Friend5 Tour

Dec 16
MGM Music Hall at Fenway
Boston, MA
deadmau5, NERO (DJ Set), Kasablanca, Morgin Madison
Sold Out Experience Upgrade Sold Out



We Are Friends XI compilation

1. deadmau5 – Antisec (ft. YTCracker)
2. deadmau5 – XYZ
3. Kasablanca – Transitory
4. Lamorn – Another Day
5. Morgin Madison – All I Need (ft. Vania)
6. Dustycloud – Buried
7. Bensley – Never Enough
8. LUPA – Feel You (Beside Me)
9. DJ DEE – You’re My Ecstasy
10. Psycho Boys Club – Hold Your Attention
11. Mari Ferrari – Tempted
12. deadmau5 – XYZ NERO REMIX
13. Pedestrian Tactics – I Like Math
14. Raito – Mike & Nina
15. EDDIE – Klubslaya
16. Speaker Honey – SOUL
17. Ghost Dance – Become the Machine
18. Maison Ware – Zone 62
19. ASHE – Plastic Snow
20. STAR SEED – 11:11
21. Wintersix – Rain (ft. Alisky)
22. Who’s John – Burning Inside
23. SVNF8 – Show Me
24. Sysdemes – Shattered Pieces (ft. Sarah Yong)
25. ShadowStar – Ephemera
26. Astrobear – So Says The Sea


WAFX: market lunchin

This is a 1 of 1 edition

Art Inspiration: after a long night of dancing the gang is needing some serious nomz to cure the post-show hunger.
they stop at the best raaaahmen joint in the whole city. as they munch, sweetbun and duckington throw out the idea of going on the next adventure – maybe to a whole other world.

What is WAFX: ‘mau5trap presents we are friends vol. 10’ is an eighteen-track compilation featuring brand new music from label head deadmau5, and an assortment of friends and label artists who have been featured on collections passed. Consistently forward-thinking, we are friends is known for mau5trap’s special selection of exciting tracks. Past ‘we are friends’ compilations featured promising up-and-comers and budding talents who graduated to become some of the label’s most successful acts to date, like REZZ, i_o, No Mana, ATTLAS, and more. The next compilation, or adventure, is on route. Who will we hear on WAF11?